After much consideration and the urging of so many others, I have filed my "Candidate Intention Statement" with the Secretary of State as an Independent Candidate for California Governor, 2014.

To appear on the Primary Ballot in June, Candidates must pay either a filing fee, gather 10,000 signatures, or a combination of both to qualify.

Because my local election office closed and unable to find another listing for them, we were delayed in getting the Signature in-lieu of filing fee forms, so have less time to gather as many as we can.

I do not believe in donations for advertising, etc. in a campaign, but I find I must rely on donations just to meet the filing requirements. On the Donation page, you will find info to send donations. Soon I will also have a direct link donation option as well.  Still working on getting that aspect set up.

I will continue to update this website as I am capable with relevant information for the citizens so they can consider other candidates besides the status of the two dominant parties that have gotten us into the current state of affairs.

Wishing all a most glorious day and a brighter future for all concerned. But it all depends on you, the voter.

Blessings to thee; near and far; believers and non-believers alike; in the name of my Lord, thy God.

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