Even though I began a run for Governor of California in 2014 because of the urging of so many, I let it fall to the side because of the top-two candidate limitations and that it would only aid in one state, not for all the people.  So after the urging of so many friends and aquaintances once again, I have thrown my hat into the ring (so to speak) and will be seeking the Libertarian Nomination for President 2016.


I do not believe in donations in a campaign, because the people have already been bled dry.  Besides, I do not want to give any impression of compromise or impropriety to gain financial support.  But I will provide door hangers, business cards and any other promotional materials as needed and within a tight budget.

When one is able to run a good campaign on a tight budget, just imagine what they could do in cutting the over-bloated government expenses.


I will continue to update this website as I am capable with relevant information for the citizens so they can consider other candidates besides the status of the two dominant parties that have gotten us into the current state of affairs.


Wishing all a most glorious day and a brighter future for all concerned. But it all depends on you, the voter.


Blessings to thee; near and far; believers and non-believers alike; in the name of my Lord, thy God.

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